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Allos Environmental, Inc is an environmental landfill and infrastructure company formed in 2016 with headquarters in Ogden, UT. Our goal is to provide key aggregation, consolidation and disposal facilities built around customer requirements.  Allos is a “solutions” driven company committed to finding environmental and energy infrastructure answers allowing our customers to meet their own very aggressive sustainability goals. The solutions will include access to cost effective disposal, logistics and technology options..

At Allos, we have an enduring respect for the environment. We don’t just protect the environment but use resources and technologies responsibly to improve it. Where methane resources are wasted, we plan to offer solutions to create viable commercial products. Instead of building miles of overhead power lines, we choose to install a solar array to provide power to our Utah project. We choose to implement sustainable solutions rather than talk about what could be.



With more than 175 years of collective experience, Allos Environmental executives bring proven knowledge and experience from years of directing operations at multiple facilities in the western United States.
Leadership in environmental services and waste industries, compliance, waste management, environmental engineering, equipment management, planning, projections, recycling, financial management, needs assessment and facility operations all round out the team’s skills and ensures that Allos Environmental will continue to provide the highest quality of service at all of our locations.

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