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Who we are
  • Promontory Point Resources  is a wholly owned subsidiary of Allos Environmental, Inc.

  • Utah’s only privately-owned Class I municipal solid waste landfill serving the northern end of the Wasatch Valley

  • Class I permit issued in 2001

  • A greenfield facility being built from the ground up with the most advanced technologies

  • Promontory Point Resources considers waste as a resource that will increase in value as treatment and recovery technologies continue to evolve

  • Promontory Point Resources has created a very detailed and rigorous waste approval process that ensures that we will not receive prohibited materials such as RCRA hazardous waste and radioactive waste

  • Promontory Point Resources is situated on hundreds of feet of fanglomerate which provides a geologic barrier in addition to the synthetic liner system.

  • Our location is remote enough to provide a significant buffer to local communities, yet close enough for cost-effective access.

  • We are transforming how waste is managed in Utah

    • Introducing healthy competition from the private sector

    • Improving efficiency throughout the supply chain

    • Reducing risk for counties and municipalities

    • Improving and stabilizing rates for the consumer

  • Existing landfills are running out of space.

  • Privately owned facilities offer more cost-effective solutions when “total cost to the consumer” is considered

  • Accelerating population growth along the Wasatch Front will leave thousands of residents without a cost-effective option

  • Many counties in Utah are struggling to find viable and long-term revenue sources. Box Elder County will receive a $2 per ton host fee. This will represent a significant increase to the County’s annual revenue budget once the facility is fully operational.

  • PPR will invest $25 million in Box Elder County in 2017 alone, part of a capital budget of over $55 million.

Northern Utah Solution


  • The facility is located on almost 2000 acres on Promontory Point, northwest of Ogden, UT.

  • The permitted area of the facility provides more than 120 years of viable commercial airspace

  • The first landfill cell phase was completed in October 2017 with more than one million cubic yards of available airspace. There are more than 3 million cubic yards of airspace in phases A, B, and C of cell one with an expected life of more than five years.

  • The facility will operate under a Class I permit first issued in 2001 but modified and updated in early 2017.

  • The landfill will contain a state-of-the-art synthetic liner system, a leachate collection and a methane collection/recovery system.

  • Though the facility is located within eyesight of the Great Salt Lake, the closest operating unit is more than 1500 feet from the lake. In addition, PPR will erect substantial fencing to prevent migration of light MSW and maintain constant vigilance to collect light MSW that might evade the fencing. All drainage systems are constructed to meet 100-year flood requirements ensuring that any contact waters remain on the facility and are properly managed.

  • The Class I permit allows PPR to receive municipal solid waste (MSW) for disposal. It does not allow for the direct receipt of industrial waste or out-of-state waste.

  • The landfill is located on some of the best geology available for a landfill of its size.

  • The Class I operation will primarily receive MSW in transfer trailers limiting the number of heavy vehicles on the county road.

  • PPR will provide pilot vehicles with limited convoy size to minimize the impact on other traffic using the county road and ensuring a safe operating condition for everyone.

  • PPR has already provided over $3 million to fund significant upgrades to the existing county road.

  • PPR will install an innovative IT platform that will provide real-time data for site management, regulatory oversite, customer reporting and supplier planning. The system will ultimately allow each of the audiences to access their key information directly through this website.

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